Various data models compared with RDF (written for beginners!)

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To get a better understanding of what would data interlinking mean, let's have a look at how data is usually managed today. I am not a data scientist, thus I will stick to the most traditional principles.

In order to compare these data models, we will use the same set of data and represent it in each model. Here is the data, in natural language:

Eric Landais, 35 years old, and Olga Landais, 36 years old, have two children, Salomé and Isaac.

Salomé is 9 years old and Isaac is 5 years old.

Olga has a brother, Boris Todorov, 42 years old.

Olga and Eric go together to an event.

Olga and Boris go together to another event.

Salomé goes to yet another event.