Welcome to the DITA RDF project

The objective of this project is to develop an ontology to describe DITA XML objects and to develop tools to generate RDF triples based on that ontology.

The source code is published on Github.


This poster illustrates the objective of the project. I presented it during the 10th Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW 2013).

This project aims at providing the necessary tools to extract and publish the metadata of the documentation. Then, this metadata can be linked with other data types (product, people, sales, non-DITA document metadata, etc.) to create a powerful organization graph.

Although this project only covers the extraction and publication of the DITA metadata, I can help you with the next steps.


Table 1. Summary of the deliverables
Deliverable Status Description
Ontology 90 % (see issues in Github) The DITA RDF ontology expresses the semantics of the DITA specification in RDF.
DITA OT plugin 90 % of the ontology is supported (see issues in Github) A DITA Open Toolkit plugin to parse DITA content and extract the valuable metadata in RDF/XML.
SPARQL queries 20 % (need to write more) A set of SPARQL queries to get you started with querying the extracted metadata graph.
Dashboarding tools 50 % (you can browse the links and see basic metadata) Sgvizler and Sparklis are the candidate tools.
Componize pipeline plugin Not started (see issues in Github) A plugin that would enable Componize users to run the dita2rdf transformation.