Configuring the upload of the RDF ouptput to an RDF repository

[/task/shortdesc {"- map/shortdesc "}) How to configure the dita2rdf DITA OT plugin to upload the RDF output to your RDF repository (shortdesc]

You should already have an RDF repository available, either on your computer or on a server you can access.

If you don't have one, the default configuration assumes you use Apache Marmotta. Here are the installation instructions (standalone).

  1. In [DITA-OT]/plugins/com.github.colinmaudry.dita2rdf/customization, make a copy of
  2. Rename the copy
    As long as their is a file named in this directory, the DITA OT plugin will attempt to upload the RDF output according to the provided configuration, at every transformation. As a consequence, if you want to disable these attempts, either rename, move or delete this file.
  3. In, follow the instructions. If you use Marmotta locally (on your computer, not a server), you have nothing to change, I configured it for you ;-)
  4. Save.
The dita2rdf DITA OT plugin is configured for the upload of the RDF output to a repository. Unless you rename, move or delete, the output of all transformations will be uploaded.