Running the metadata extraction

[/task/shortdesc {"- map/shortdesc "}) How to run the extraction of the metadata of your DITA content (shortdesc]
You want to extract metadata from your DITA content as RDF.
In [DITA-OT], run ant -Dargs.input=[path/to/your/ditamap] -Doutput.dir=[path/to/store/the/output] -Dtranstype=rdf
For instance, on a Windows system: ant -Dargs.input=C:\Users\colin\dita\map.ditamap -Doutput.dir=C:\Users\colin\dita\output -Dtranstype=rdf.
If -Doutput.dir is not specified, the output will be stored in [DITA-OT]/out.

The extraction starts.

When you see BUILD SUCCESSFUL, the extraction was successful and you can use the RDF/XML file available in the directory you provided for -Doutput.dir.

If you see BUILD FAILED, it means there was an error during the extraction. See Contact and reporting issues.